+81 90-8113-1648

English/Japanese Speakers

Myoko Mountain Lodge

1455–3 Ooaza Taguchi
Myoko-Shi, Niigata–ken
Japan 949–2106

Services and Facilities

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Western or Japanese is served from 7.00 am

Also available

Fruit Juices



Toast/ assort jams




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Dinning & Recreation

Plenty of room to enjoy your breakfast or evening dinner, relax and meet other guests.

Facilities Include:

  • Free -24/7 coffee & tea station
  • Games, puzzles, our giant! Jenga is very popular
  • TV
  • A range of local  beers, wines and sake
  • Nibbles
  • Water Station


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1 family bath with 2 showers

1 slightly smaller one with a single shower

Private changing room



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Morning Ski Shuttle Services (outbound only)

Free Morning Shuttle Service

Departs at 8.00 am for the following resorts

Akakura Kanko.   (our closest resort) ( 650m) walkable)

Akakura Onsen.

Alpen Blick


Myoko Snowsports  Ski  School

Madarao/Tangram.   Local bus

Lotte Aria                      Local Bus

Seki Onsen.   Local Bus.  (Recommend for Advanced skiers only)

Please note.

We are unable to offer a pickup service







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Local Ski Hire

Local Ski Hire

We highly recommend MyokoSnowSports.



Please use Myoko Mountain Lodge as your referral information in the drop-down box when you complete your booking.

If you book online at least 7 days before you arrive in Myoko, they will offer you a 15% discount.  However, their lessons are booked out very quickly every year, so early booking is always a good idea.


Their service also includes:

Ski/Boots/Board Hire

Board /Ski clothing hire

Ski & Board Lessons

All-day children’s lesson

Gum  Boots ( for walking around the village)

Please bring your  own goggles and gloves.

I suggest you also invest in a good-quality ski sock

Please contact me if you need further information or advice in regards to hiring your gear.




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Station Shuttle

Station Shuttle. (Afternoon Inbound)

In the past, I have endeavoured to meet all our inbound guests at the station, but this has proved to be very stressful as this puts me on standby all day long, this season my first shuttle from the station will operate from 3.00 pm and I will ask guests to communicate with me a confirmed time of arrival in advance

I will meet the following trains.

From Nagano                  14:59- 16:07 -16:54 -17:53 -18:55

From Joetsumyoko.       1527 -16.34- 17.24 -17.57– 18.53




Outside these times, please catch a taxi, but would suggest you adjust your arrival time with the timetable above, as we are unable to receive any luggage before 3.00 pm check-in time,  unless it has been sent by Blackcat Couriers

(More information to be posted on suggested trains to catch from Toyko


Station Shuttle (Morning Outbound)

1 shuttle only.  10.00 am departure

Outside these times we can arrange a taxi for you.


Please advise us if you are travelling by bus with the expected ETA.