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Myoko Mountain Lodge

1455–3 Ooaza Taguchi
Myoko-Shi, Niigata–ken
Japan 949–2106


Lodge Diary

Hakuba Mura 15km Trail Run

The weather was beautiful in Hakuba and was just perfect for the run , the trail  was very steep and unforgiving to the very top, (approximately 8km), and then a very long and winding decent to the finish line.

妙高高原 セラピーロード

いつものローカルトレランコース ”妙高高原セラピーロード”  燕温泉から始まって苗名滝まで。 今日はスタートが遅かったので赤倉温泉スキー場から池の平まで。 このトレイルを走れるのもボランティアの方々が密かに草刈りや危ない藪を切ってくださっているお陰で、走る度に本当に有難いと感じます。目立たないけれど、こういう地元の方々の自然を愛する気持ちに感謝感謝しながら今日も夕暮れ&紅葉のトレランを楽しみました。  

A weekend tour from Joetsu to Myoko .

A weekend cycling  tour  organised  by bikeloop.com staying overnight at Myoko Mountain lodge and enjoying a BBQ on Saturday evening and on Sunday morning  explored  Lake Nojiri. We surprised them  with coffee and home baked banana muffins before they continued  on back to Joetsu.

Grand ride from Sasagamine To Otari village, 41km Return

It was a fine ride with our friends over the mountain to Otari Village, if you  keep going you end up in Hakuba. We had lunch in Otari village and set off back to Togakushi, it was a very long 9km hill climb to the top and then a mixture of up and downs back to the car park.