2017, 2018, & 2019

+81 255 77 4093

English/Japanese Speakers

Myoko Mountain Lodge

1455–3 Ooaza Taguchi
Myoko-Shi, Niigata–ken
Japan 949–2106


Lodge Diary

From the bush to the table

Michael, “I picked them, so I think it’s about time you did some time in the kitchen and bake your first pie” Ok I said, I will give it a go,.

Blueberries Galore

It’s taken 2 years, but we are finally getting some returns on our commitment to get some  very neglected trees back into shape and keep them safe from the birds during the ripening phase.

Function deck is finally completed

Function deck is finally completed and we can now enjoy our morning coffees in a beautiful setting, looking forward to opening the lodge in July.

Stage 3 Deck installation

We are getting there, installing  the top boards ,my hand is getting cramp from putting in over 3000 + screws