+81 90-8113-1648

English/Japanese Speakers

Myoko Mountain Lodge

1455–3 Ooaza Taguchi
Myoko-Shi, Niigata–ken
Japan 949–2106

Myoko Shuttle Info

For you lovely people who are joining us for the winter activities, you might like to check out www.myokoshuttle.com as an alternative to catching the train, you can book on line and pay by paypal.
Also if you want to ski at Madarao for the day, there is now a much better shuttle service Leave Myoko at 7.54am, arrives Madaro around 8.20am ski all day and depart at 5.30pm and back in Myoko around 6pm Return (JPY2000)
Other good news, the Myoko shuttle has streamlined it’s route around the village, so point to point is much quicker and you can pay on boarding, Whoopee.