Belated wedding party surprise!

They thought they were coming for a quiet weekend, but we surprised them with a family that they had not seen for 6 years.

Summer Kayaking on Lake Nojiri

Our guests enjoying a guided morning tour on Lake Nojiri. all the gear is supplied and the friendly guide will have you in the water in no time. Ucdi Paddling School. 026 258 1005 If you do not have transport of your own we can shuttle you there and back from the lodge at no […]

Accent of Mt Takatsuma 2325m) Togakushi

Tamami on the last steep section before the hidden summit It was a long 7-hour round trip, following the route along the river using the chains on the steeper rock sections and returning down the very steep bush track back to the campsite at Togakushi. The campsite has great facilities, the toilets were modern and […]