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Myoko Mountain Lodge

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XC day out at Kurohime Ski Resort


Kurohime Kogen Ski Resort is a small to medium sized ski area with 430 metres of vertical and has two distinct areas. Lower zones for learners/beginners and the upper zone with a few intermediate runs. There is a handful of low-angle advanced runs which can be fun when the powder is pumping.

Five ski lifts operate at Kurohime Kogen Snow Park (one quad lift and four pair lifts) servicing ten official ski and snowboard courses. Additionally the Kurohime Family Park, two main park areas (BC and Cherry) plus a kids park area. There is a 3km/5km cross country course and a kids snow play / learn to ski area (Naka Soto or Kurohime No Mori Playground).

For advanced skiers there is a handful of tree runs, a little bit of sidecountry plus the opportunity to skin up the top course which is no longer serviced by a lift.