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British Home Cooking – 1 night 2 meals

British version of Japanese sachet taste. In the daily menu, we would like you to experience the taste of British bags that British owner Michael had eaten and raised.


~ Until December 17 2020


大人 お一人様 9,000円 小人 お一人様 6,800円
通常値段 割引額 割引後の
地域共通クーポン 支援額
大人 9000円 -3150円 5850円 1350円 4500円
小人 6800円 -2380円 4420円 1020円 3400円
※*Prices shown include tax, adult and child prices. After contacting us, we will contact you regarding the availability and final charge (total).

What is British food? I think there are many people who say that. That’s right, while expanding colonies all over the world like that, unfortunately speaking about food culture? ? ?

Basically, British food has a simple seasoning and does not use much spices. It is also characteristic that there are many dishes that use potatoes for Japanese rice.

Try some of the things, and first try a British-style dinner.

The classic menu is still fish and chips. I’ll have vinegar and tomato sauce (it’s angry when I call it ketchup ~ bitter smile).

Next, “Shepherd’s pie” often appears in the dinner menu. Stir fried minced meat and vegetables with a special gravy (meat broth), place mashed potatoes flat on top of it and bake in the oven.

There are many other things as well, but it’s fun to visit after visiting the lodge!

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