Maguse Onsen

Maguse Onsen , just 1 hour drive from the lodge

Autumn Splendor

Autumn in Japan is so beautiful, Imori Pond reflects the mountain and the roofs are soften by the leafs

Grand day climbing Mt Iizuna

We climbed Mt Iizuna with  Simon and Margie,  our guests  from the UK ,  a 5 hour  round trip  (medium walk)  and called into the Onsen by the lake on the way home.

In search of the endangered Ptarmigan

We have a group of bird conservationist staying with us and they will climb Mount Hiuchi in search of the elusive and endangered ptarmigan , a plump gamebird, slightly larger than a grey partridge. In summer, it’s a mixture of grey, brown and black above with white bellies and wings. In winter, it becomes totally white […]